The OIPA who Cried Wolf


This wolf is not impressed with the OIPA's fear mongering

This wolf is not impressed with the OIPA's fear mongering

The Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association claims to represent more than 2,500 individuals and companies from Oklahoma's oil and natural gas industry. It has been in the news quite often lately, usually labeled as the group who is blocking pay raises for teachers. It's Berlin's opinion, that this is the case. While the state government has failed its citizens, there is no doubt the actions of lobbyists have ultimately harmed the taxpayers. There is nothing that smells of crony "capitalism" more than a tax exempt organization lobbying for an already tax advantaged industry to pay even fewer taxes. Berlin despises the tax man as much as anyone else, however Berlin detests special treatment and rent seeking behavior even more. Oil and gas producers will continue to drill and develop oil and gas mineral rights as there are still hydrocarbons to be economically produced despite an increase in the production tax.

The OIPA has continued a negative campaign against anyone who opposes its agenda. It promotes such movements as Oilpatch Proud, as if the patch is more deserving of tax payer money than any other sector. In 2015, the OIPA spent nearly half of its revenues ($1.4m) on salaries. In addition, it spent $835k on "other expenses" which would include the actual lobbying and "educating" of our elected officials. Frightening, but not surprising that the calls from the OIPA for "more money to fight the wind lobby" are really pleas for higher compensation for themselves at the expense of nearly everyone else.

Berlin stands with the King

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