Why Sell Your Oklahoma Mineral Rights and Oil and Gas Royalties?

There are many reasons why someone would want to trade his oil and gas mineral rights and royalties. As oil and gas wells age, lesser quantities of oil and gas are produced which leads to smaller royalty checks for the mineral owner month after month. Lower production, compounded by falling commodity prices have left owners with monthly checks that are half they were just six months ago.

  • Berlin Royalties will exchange your small monthly checks for a lump sum cash payment often within 10 days.
  • The cash payment can be used to invest in appreciating assets such as stocks, bonds, and real estate.
  • Rid yourself of the record keeping hassle.
  • Simplify your trust, tax, and estate planning and leave your heirs with fewer headaches.
  • Take that dream vacation, buy that new truck, or pay off the house so you can retire early.

One thing Berlin Royalties has learned is that every oil and gas royalty owner gas a different reason for selling all or a portion of his royalties. Whatever the reason, Berlin Royalties will accommodate your needs with an all cash and prompt closing.

Request your No Cost, No Obligation Offer to Trade or Sell Your Oklahoma Mineral Rights and Oil and Gas Royalties by Clicking Here or Calling Berlin Royalties at 918.984.1645

The guys at Berlin are a class act to deal with throughout the process. They reached out to me the day after I submitted their form and closed the deal the next week. I was more than happy with the offer.
— Marshall C. Seminole, Oklahoma