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Assorted Links (and a chance to win an Amazon gift card)

Assorted Links (and a chance to win an Amazon gift card)

The Perfect Oilfield (unfortunately, not the STACK/SCOOP/MERGE..): 

Once one starts tacking on zeros to the production numbers, Berlin's former tong working brain starts to spin a bit (like chains...). It sounds very impressive and I'm sure the Bedouins of that desert preferred the sovereign didn't own the mineral rights....

Buyers of Oklahoma Mineral Rights, a Small Business Enterprise

Oklahoma Royalty Owners,

Tyler Cowen recently posted about the five smallest industries by firm size.

They are: 

Fishing, hunting, trapping: 3.1 workers on average

Building construction: 5.5 workers on average

Real estate: 5.9 workers on average

Funds, trusts, and other financial vehicles: 6 workers on average

Repair and maintenance: 6.1 workers on average

While Berlin doesn't have access to the base data, your author would hazard a guess that most buyers of Oklahoma oil and gas mineral rights are also smaller firms. Most companies who buy Oklahoma royalties are one-two person operations with a couple contractors on call to assist with title due diligence. If you are interested in selling your mineral rights and royalties, please call Berlin at 918.984.1645 to receive an offer today.

More to follow,