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The Money Spring

The Money Spring

Mike Shellman at Oily Stuff, pens the best blog on the oil business. He often writes regarding the unsustainability of the shale drilling business model.  In his most recent post, he commented on a recent report that Haynes & Boone released on what sources companies are using to raise capital to fund their 2018 exploration and production efforts….

Tom Ward is back and that is good news for Oklahoma mineral owners

Tom Ward is back and that is good news for Oklahoma mineral owners

NewsOK business writer Jack "in the" Money, reported a new partnership, BCE-Mach, LLC ("Mach"), that was formed earlier this year between Mach Resources, LLC, and Bayou City Energy. Bayou City Energy will be providing capital to the acquisition and development efforts of Mach Resources, LLC, that is led by Tom Ward.

This announcement should make Oklahoma oil and gas mineral owners smile (and start dreaming about purchasing a new combine...)

Extending an Oil and Gas Lease

It can happen to the best of us, it was three years ago and nobody was drilling deep gas in Custer. You signed an oil and gas lease with an option to extend the primary term. Now, things are different, the "macro-headwinds" have shifted. There are folks with deep pockets paying 3x what you will be paid for your option. Even though $500/acre for a 160 acre lease on the home place would make most smile, you have a yellow equipment problem...

I Thought You Were a Professional?

Berlin was having coffee at the sale barn this week where she ran across an ol' boy named Keith. Keith asked Berlin what she did when she wasn't raising stockers and she mentioned she's a landman. Keith looked a bit perplexed when he said "a landman? I thought you were a professional, like an accountant or doctor or some sh*t....

Smooth Move: Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association


If Berlin was a betting woman, she would venture to guess that an organization with the words "Independent Petroleum Association" in the title and that represents itself as the unified voice and advocacy group for the Oklahoma oil and natural gas industry might support an independent producer in court proceedings against a municipality. In most cases, the bet would pay out, but not when the Independent Petroleum Association in question is the Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association (the "OIPA")....