Coal County SITREP

Oklahoma Oil and Gas Mineral Owners,

The Arkoma Basin has been playing second fiddle to the STACK for some time now, but the sleeping gas giant appears to be rubbing the sleep from its eyes. Leasing and transaction activity is accelerating in Coal County, Oklahoma. In the last twelve months, there have been 1739 oil and gas leases filed of record in Coalgate by numerous operators and brokers

There have been five companies in the past year who have been granted Pooling Orders in Coal County by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. For this discussion, Pooling Orders will be our metric to measure presence and activity level in Coal County. The Companies and the number of Pooling Orders issued are detailed on the chart below.

Number of Pooling Orders
Bravo Arkoma, LLC
Canyon Creek Energy Operating, LLC
Pablo Energy, LLC
Newfield Exploration Mid-Continent, Inc.
BP America Production Company

The chart deserves a bit more analysis. With its enormous legacy position from the Amoco days, it is not surprising to see some activity from BP. With a market capitalization of $100b, I’m not sure what moves the needle for BP, but I don’t think it is a Hunton/Sylvan test in Coal County. Bravo and Canyon Creek are the two operators to watch. With Pooling Orders covering from the Hartshorne to the Arbuckle, it will be interesting to observe how their positions develop. It appears from the 1002As that have been filed, Bravo is exploiting the Woodford while Canyon Creek is exploiting the Cromwell and Woodford.

Title is just nasty in the Arkoma and Coal County is no exception. Minerals tracts can be cut 100 ways. The only consolation is that most of the historical production has been spaced on 640 acres which does make the held-by-production title work a bit easier in contrast to the Golden Trend. Remember to contact Berlin, if you are wanting to buy mineral rights or sell mineral rights in Oklahoma, specifically Coal County. Standby for further reporting on developments in the Arkoma.

More to follow,