Is $10 Actually the Bonus Per Acre?

Oklahoma Mineral Rights Owners,

Berlin received another call from Bruce today. He was angry and slightly confused. Bruce was sure that some fly-by-night lease flipper was fixin' to cheat him out of his lease bonus. The Duncan, Oklahoma based outfit had offered him $1,100 per net mineral acre for a 3 + 2, oil and gas lease at a 3/16 royalty for some of his granddaddy's minerals in Beckham County, Oklahoma, which Bruce accepted.

No Oklahoma oil and gas mineral owner is getting jammed on ole girl's watch.

No Oklahoma oil and gas mineral owner is getting jammed on ole girl's watch.

However, upon review of the lease, Bruce read the following statement "Witnesseth that the said Lessor, for and in consideration of Ten and more Dollars, cash in hand paid, the receipt of which is hereby grant, demise, lease..." Bruce asked the buyer to replace the ten dollars with the actual bonus due and the buyer balked. Bruce asked Berlin if this was proper or if he was getting jammed.

Berlin told Bruce that this is the industry standard and that lessees of Oklahoma oil and gas leases do not place the actual bonus paid of record by writing it into the oil and gas lease. As long as Bruce was satisfied with the terms of payment, the "and more" of the consideration and granting clause that he was presented is legitimate. 

Berlin has written about the terms of the basics of the oil and gas lease before, but if you have any more questions about an oil and gas lease or you are interested in leasing or selling your mineral rights please comment below or drop us a line.

More to follow,