How a Man in Amarillo Lost $100k by being an Ass on the Phone

I won't use his name, he's a pro, but a dinosaur. He did business with Joe Dan Trigg and John A. and the Calders and the Dines, and the Culpeppers, the Allens and the Snows, the Hodges and the Hefners. He was "Funny Money." I called him about an old lease in Canadian County, outside Union City. The well had just died and neither of us knew it. I was willing to pay big money to offset that big horizontal that was just drilled. He yelled "state your question" and "never call me again." The lease he owned had cessation language and the well was plugged three months later. Title was done and I would have met him at the Big Texan for supper, check in hand. Don't be an ass on the phone or your might hang up on $100k. Could have bought his neighbor a new Cadillac. 

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