Mineral Services


Oklahoma Mineral And Royalty Appraisals

The value of a mineral property is not always straightforward. At Berlin, we have a comprehensive approach to ascertaining value and conducting a mineral appraisal. We evaluate the market value of your property based on three key components;

  1. Highest and best use: what is the best use of your property?

  2. Future cash flows: what is the future supply and demand like for your commodity?

  3. Comparable sales: have other properties like yours been sold recently and had an appraisal of mineral rights performed?

Berlin provides comprehensive oil and gas appraisals to landowners, trust companies, law and accounting firms and government entities for foreclosure and specifically sheriff sales for properties throughout Oklahoma to include both the SCOOP and STACK shale plays and conventionally operated properties. Our detailed mineral appraisals utilize proprietary software to utilize the most up-to-date market information and well location data.

Berlin has the capability to appraise all types of oil and gas properties, from land and minerals that are not leased to producing properties that receive royalties and any situation in between.

OIl and Gas and Mineral Management

Like our clients, the managers and shareholders of Berlin own mineral, royalty and working interests, so we share the client’s perspective and desire for active management and reliable information. Oil and gas assets are complex in nature. Many individuals, families, and trusts are choosing Berlin as a solution for royalty and mineral management.

Berlin offers comprehensive oil and gas management and the following services which allow clients to maintain their desired level of personal involvement.

Comprehensive Accounting:

  • Revenue processing and distribution

  • Joint interest billing review and payment

  • Customized reporting

  • Provide annual income and expense reporting for preparing tax returns

  • Electronic document maintenance

Proactive Management:

  • Negotiate contracts and leases

  • Process royalty and rental income

  • Oversee property tax payments

  • Evaluate and monitor drilling participation

  • Promote leasing and development of mineral interests

  • Division order verification

  • Conduct inspections and reviews

  • Research for suspended funds

  • Coordination with industry partners for legal and land, engineering and geologic counsel